I was born under suspect circumstances. My mother wasn’t married. My father while charismatic, wasn’t reliable, and my mother’s parents were upset. (Even though my mother was a grown woman with her own life; they somehow felt my existence was this awful thing my mother did to them on purpose.) It was Great Aunt Fern who came to see my mom after I was born. My mom said that Fern did the dishes, brought a casserole, showed my mom how to breastfeed me, and told her she was doing okay. Then Fern called up my Grandma and told her to…

I live for glamour. I appreciate comfort. I have two pieces of advice for everyone. Buy that nice mascara now. You may not feel like wearing makeup these days but you will arrive at a moment when you want to dress up (Even if it is just for yourself.) and you should be prepared. I believe in living like I might be invited to the opera at the last minute and wouldn’t have to think twice about saying yes.The other thing is never be schlubby with your comfort. It should be given the same care as glamour. It shouldn’t dull…

I had a year of plans. Instead I have fallen apples. I have gone through a lot of fallen apples. They are more diverse than lemons in terms of what you can make. Some things are made slowly; other things made quick -which suits the theme of this year. We are at the end of the apples. At least I am. People have filled the slow time with sour dough, and the hard/brief summer with time in the garden or parks having drinks or take away. These apples are for every hour when time doesn’t make a lot of sense…

When you are called Genevieve you will not find a key chain or pen with your name on it. Maybe in Quebec or France? (Someone should report back what the personalised object situation is like there.) It is a lonely life with all of the Es in your name and having to explain, “It isn’t Guinevere.” It is also a good life because you are instantly intriguing to others with your outlandish name.When you run into a fellow Genevieve it is a moment of great excitement and potential suspicion. “Are you a good Genevieve or a disappointing one?” (They exist…

When making bolognese make sure you either have on house-slippers or a slightly dumpy cardigan. If possible -both. Over that you will wear a floral apron. The apron must have a pocket so you can keep sweets, a packet of cigarettes, or maybe your rosary beads. (Whatever provides anxiety relief.) Also make sure you are wearing fancy jewelry. Man/woman -doesn’t matter. Be it a large ring, a gold chain, or your grandfather’s crucifix necklace that he wore in the war. I like to wear a bangle that belonged to my grandmother, a large gaudy cocktail ring that looks fake but…

I was out in the garden today.

By myself.

By myself with the spiders, beetles and bees.

Pulling at weeds and letting

everything else go.

I have planted hope!

Have you ever wanted to live surrounded by wood? I mean a lot of wood? Now you can! It is right by Lake so you could get up in the morning, hop into the lake and have a quick swim; then feel a little itchy afterward. It is a nice lake. Though back in the bad old days of the 1950s/60s no one was allowed to swim in that lake. (Apparently they thought it wasn’t a good idea to swim around raw sewage. And these days they call people fragile snowflakes.) If you take a walk further down the lake…

The constant outside roar
Is sandpapering my soul
Soon it will be raw and irritated
I try and make friends
With this bluster of nature
I can’t stand its conversation.
I can’t overpower it
Maybe I should roar back?

It is never like Brief Encounter.

I strolled over to Paddington to catch my train and saw blank boards. Blank boards are never good things. I had been visiting a fantastic book shop, and having tea with a friend and was in a very cheerful state about the world, and now I had to take a deep breath and adjust my expectations. (By the way if you are in London and want to view amazing rare books by women and just talk to some really smart and interesting women about books go to Second Shelf in Soho.) There had been a signal failure between Paddington and…

Waiting to to dance

My mother wouldn’t let me go to the roller rink on a friday night between the ages of ten and twelve. Instead of navigating the awkward social world of a small town roller rink where older guys preyed on young girls skating to Wilson Phillips and Roxette; I had lessons in how to be a complicated adult with desires, and a sense of rhythm. You can’t take a girl to the roller rink after that.

My Friday nights began with the accidental discovery that the local public television station played a mix of European art house cinema, and MGM musicals…

Genevieve Jenner

I make dinner and swear too much. I think that is all you need to know.

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