I live for glamour. I appreciate comfort. I have two pieces of advice for everyone. Buy that nice mascara now. You may not feel like wearing makeup these days but you will arrive at a moment when you want to dress up (Even if it is just for yourself.) and…

I had a year of plans. Instead I have fallen apples. I have gone through a lot of fallen apples. They are more diverse than lemons in terms of what you can make. Some things are made slowly; other things made quick -which suits the theme of this year. We…

I was out in the garden today.

By myself.

By myself with the spiders, beetles and bees.

Pulling at weeds and letting

everything else go.

I have planted hope!

The constant outside roar
Is sandpapering my soul
Soon it will be raw and irritated
I try and make friends
With this bluster of nature
I can’t stand its conversation.
I can’t overpower it
Maybe I should roar back?

Waiting to to dance

My mother wouldn’t let me go to the roller rink on a friday night between the ages of ten and twelve. Instead of navigating the awkward social world of a small town roller rink where older guys preyed on young girls skating to Wilson Phillips and Roxette; I had lessons…

Genevieve Jenner

I make dinner and swear too much. I think that is all you need to know.

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